Registering Under Megan's Law

Melissa Thomas successfully removed her client from the Megan's Law registry. Melissa's client pleaded guilty to indecent assault several years ago. At the time, an indecent assault conviction did not require one to register under Megan's Law. However, in 2012, the Pennsylvania legislature updated Megan's Law and included indecent assault as a new offense. The Pennsylvania State Police notified my client that he was now required to register as a sex offender, even though he wasn't required to when he pleaded guilty.

Melissa filed a petition to enforce the original plea agreement. Melissa argued, among other things, that her client had traded his right to a jury trial for a plea agreement that would prevent him from having to register as a sex offender. The judge ruled that the Commonwealth had to honor the original plea agreement and Melissa's client was not required to register under Megan's Law.

If you pleaded guilty to a non-Megan's Law offense, but have since been asked to report to the State Police, please contact us and set up a time to discuss your options.