The Video Exonerates Him!

This summer, Attorney Jacqueline Robbins persuaded the Assistant District Attorney to drop all charges against a client accused of conspiracy and assault. Upon careful review of the surveillance video capturing the incident, which occurred in a busy downtown pharmacy, it became clear that there was another male assailant, who was never apprehended. Prior to trial, Ms. Robbins presented this information to the prosecutor, arguing that the police arrested the wrong man. The video corroborated the Defendant's own account of what transpired on the night of the incident. Persuaded that the Defendant was innocent of any wrongdoing, the DA agreed to withdraw all charges. We are currently pursuing a petition to expunge the arrest from the client's criminal record. Our client will soon be free to pursue his goals without this wrongful arrest following him into job interviews or housing applications. At TRLaw, we go the extra mile on our cases. When appropriate, we use our advocacy skills outside the courtroom to achieve quick, positive results for our clients.