School Disciplinary and Expulsion Proceedings

Whether you're in high school or studying at one of the many universities in Philadelphia, school disciplinary proceedings are serious matters for which you need an attorney.

Many students find themselves facing a disciplinary hearing after violating their school's Code of Conduct on or off-campus. Cases range from academic integrity matters (such as cheating or plagiarism) to potential criminal matters (such as assault, drug, or DUI charges). Your school may seek sanctions against you including a transcript notation, suspension, probation, a letter of reprimand, or expulsion. It is important to contact an attorney to review your rights and options if your school initiates disciplinary actions against you.

Thomas & Robbins has represented students in expulsion hearings in the School District of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia-area charter schools, and university disciplinary proceedings at Temple University, La Salle University, Drexel University, University of Pennsylvania, University of the Arts, St. Joe's University, and Villanova University. Please contact our office if you are facing disciplinary proceedings at your school or university.


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